FORTZA: The Authentic Taste of Romanian Cornflakes

In 1971, it was produced for the first time in our country, the first cornflakes Fortza at Titan Factory in Bucharest. At the end of 2015 Fortza Cornflakes has rebranded, changed its packages, cornflakes recipes and names: Fortza de Rontzaiala, Fortza de Atractzie and Fortza de Bere.

We developed a teasing camapign to prepapre the moment of the new branded Fortza bringing in the mind of the consumer what could bring them force (Fortza) for good days. We developed and engaged a community providing content about the benefitis of the cornflake, their taste, healthy meals, and crative recipes. We also promoted the contest on Fortza site in which the user had to transform mais in cornflakes. All fun and challaging to discover the authenitic taste of Romanian cornflakes.

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