Müller Das Kaskaval. Cheese ageing gives the über taste

DAS KASKAVAL gets it’s special taste from the cheese ageing process. The Social Media campaign objective was to showcase the variety of the product and educate people about the 3 types of  product: Fresh, Semi-maturated and Maturated. We developed a strategic plan aiming to position Das Kaskaval as an excellent choice for different consumption occasions: simple, in recipes or in modern tasty salads. To point put the many cooking options, we created a website (http://www.muller.com.ro/das-kaskaval) with über easy and über tasty recipes and invited people to upload their own recipes and be rewarded with e-books, cook books and city breaks in Europe. On Facebook, we encouraged people to go to the website and participate, we promoted our recipes and invited fans to share their opinion and preferences for the product.


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