Müllermilch. Drink it and get your ideas!

Müllermilch is a fruit-flavored milk with a cool package and really good taste. But how can we educate teenagers that Müllermich is the best drink option when you’re going out to skate or bike or when you’re playing video games online? Youtube videos that “might” go viral. We gathered a special team of Impro Show professionals and created short movies based on daily scenarios to prove the product’s level of “coolness”: “When you drink Müllermilch, you can have the best ideas”. On the website www.mullermilch.muller.com.ro, we created a special gallery with funny pictures and invited people to create memes using them. The campaign gathered a large number of teenagers interested in showing their own creative potential and be rewarded with Müller crafted products for inspiration, parachute jumps or a trip to Disneyland.

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